5 March 2021

This week it has been World Book Week and World Maths Day! 

We’ve had so much fun celebrating both and have completed lots of work. 

First, we started off with guessing the Masked reader. Lots of our teachers disguised their faces and voices so we had to use clues to infer which teacher it was on the videos. Then, we created our own book reviews, covers and mood boards whilst discussing our favourite books.


On Wednesday, it was our Maths At The Movies day to celebrate Maths day. Our chosen film was Matilda and we complete lots of word problems, estimating, statistics and money work throughout the day, finished off with a bowl of popcorn and the film. We loved it! 

It’s definitely been a busy week,  it now we are just looking forward to getting the rest of our clas back in the classroom so we can be a complete team again


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Posted by Louise Wilson on 5 March 2021

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